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Arredol, the first online daily newspaper in Aragonese

3 October 2011

The publication uses the Aragonese Academy's new orthographic rules for the language

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International Translation Day 2011

30 September 2011

'Translation: Bridging Cultures' is the theme of this year's event

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10th European Day of Languages

26 September 2011

A host of activities on language learning and the direct relationship between languages and job opportunities, mobility, economic competitiveness and social cohesion have been arranged to mark this year's event

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Speaking in Tongues to be screened in Barcelona

22 September 2011

The documentary explores the subject of language immersion and reveals the promise of a multilingual America

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On-line EU Language Observatory Launched

19 September 2011

The Observatory aspires to become the on-line reference on multilingualism in Europe

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Report finds languages to be conducive to integration and social cohesion

18 September 2011

Produced by the European Commission's Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism, the document recommends measures for promoting all Europe's languages, be they official, unofficial or those of immigrants

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Languages vital in Europe's labour market

9 September 2011

The European Commission's latest report highlights the market's growing demand for language and communication skills

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Languages crucial to competitiveness and employability

7 September 2011

A new Business Platform for Multilingualism report for the European Commission calls for investment in multilingual training to make companies more competitive and enhance job prospects

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Linguamón joins the 22@Network

3 August 2011

The institution will present state-of-the-art R&D projects from all over the world in a showroom on its premises at the Media-TIC building in the 22@Barcelona district

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Online Arabic and Mandarin courses

29 July 2011

The courses enable learners to engage in simple conversations, read numbers and understand some basic characters in two of the business world's emerging languages

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Arabic gaining in popularity on Facebook in the Middle East

25 July 2011

Figures highlight the rapid growth of the planet's most popular social network in the Arab world, where it has played a key role in the recent social uprisings

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Online multilingualism observatory in the pipeline

21 July 2011

The brainchild of the European project, the observatory will document best practices in implementing language policies

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Catalan's Wikipedia position analysed

18 July 2011

A study that set out to identify the factors behind language use on the internet has established a new academic concept, the 'digital language community'

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Language use in Catalan schools conducive to social cohesion and learning other languages

11 July 2011

Experts report that early bilingualism aids students' cognitive development without stunting their learning capacity

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Specialised training for language professionals

7 July 2011

The registration period for the Linguamón-UOC Chair in Multilingualism's second postgraduate degree course in linguistic and cultural diversity management is now open

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